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Plexo - | Legrand South Korea


Plexo is a solution that can maintain waterproofing and strength in a special and diverse external environment, and restrictions on outdoor facilities, workshops, warehouses, etc.
It can be used in various spaces.


Easy to Install

Standardized products make initial and additional installation easy. In addition, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors in a wall type. You can replace it directly from the primary outlet.


No-Cut-Dut System

It saves a lot of installation time by eliminating the need for cutting. There is a waterproof barrier that can be drilled with a screwdriver, and there is a tap that can be drilled for wire insertion without a tool. The plug can be pushed in by hand.


IP 55 - 66 / IK 07 - 08

We have acquired IP 55-66, and IK 07-08 grades in recognition of both test strength of products that can maintain waterproofing and strength.