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Datacenters - Big Sized | Legrand South Korea

Big sized solution for Data Center

Legrand, world leader in the manufacture of electrical equipment, offers an extensive range of solutions to meet all the needs of service sector installations, from structured cabling systems for data networks through to control and management of the installation, including trunking and distribution systems. 
Incorporating an environmentally-friendly approach to technological development and to address a constantly changing market, Legrand is now offering its new range of UPS and additional functions to ensure maximum continuity of service for all installations. 


UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Whether modular or traditional, a correctly sized and highly efficient UPS is essential. The UPS product offerings help to reduce electricity consumption. Also, they improve overall installation efficiency, reaching 99% in ECO mode and 95% in Online mode.

keor pdu

PDU (Power Distribution Units)

From big data centers to small Edge data centers, meet Legrand's PDU(iPDU), which can remote the monitor and control rack power to ensure efficient power capacity management and maximum data center uptime. Also, there are the world's highest-quality Raritan products and Server Technology products.

starline busway

Starline (Busbar)

Starline Track Busway is easy to install, allowing you to scale and expand more quickly. Also, it is relatively inexpensive. Flexible, scalable Busway systems allow you to relocate power wherever you need it, anytime, without power interruption. The unique ‘Turn-n-lock’ connection method used in plug-in devices is key to Starline Track Busway's reliability. Simply insert the plug head anywhere on the Busway and rotate it to 90 degrees to ensure a stable and fixed connection. This eliminates power outages caused by overheating or disconnecting.