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ARTEOR - L1 | Legrand South Korea


Arteor offers an elegant, minimal, and luxurious design under the philosophy of "Timeless Masterpieces", along with the 150-year history and tradition of the Legrand Group. Dream of your space with Arteor, which maintains a constant value and quality over time. It makes your imagination come true with various colors and designs that go well with all the spaces.



The Power of New Ideas


A Touch of Artistry

Elegant Design

Arteor is a standard-selling product of Legrand, which was created by senior French designers. The calm and elegant color goes well with any interior space, and the high-end product with details hidden throughout the minimal shape makes your space denser.


Stay Connected


Arteor offers a full range of options, from USB A type to C type, and supports fast charging. In addition, you can mix and match all kinds of data sockets, audio, and video sockets, and more. Please add all the functions you want using only one plate space.


International & Modular

Universal Sockets

Arteor supports standards not only in Korea but also in all countries around the world.
In addition, Arteor is designed in a modular format, making it a product of great design, practicality, and compatibility. It is a customized product that can be installed on a single plate with a combination of various products, such as switches, outlets, and communication sockets, if necessary. Not only can it provide customers with the solutions they need, but it can also make efficient use of limited space. Complete your space conveniently and compactly with Arteor.