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Slim HPB | Legrand South Korea

Home Panel Boards

Not only does it provide reliable protection for breakers,
but it also offers a wide choice of circuit counts and sizes, stylish designs, and colors.


A Safe Solution

Legrand Slim HPB

Legrand Korea's residential distribution board applies residential wiring breakers and residential leakage breakers. Overload short circuit protection and built-in human electric shock protection provide stable load protection.


A Stylish Slim Design

Legrand Slim HPB

A slim design distribution board cover that blends naturally with every interior mood.


A Flexible Solution

Legrand Slim HPB

We provide a wide range of choices with all the circuits which suit customers' needs.


Safer For the Users & Installers

Legrand Slim HPB

Legrand's distribution boards and breakers are suitable for KS standards and are designed with the reliability of products and user stability as the top priority.
By applying a circuit breaker dedicated to the upper side, the user can avoid confusion in the direction of the circuit breaker's ON/OFF operation so that it can respond quickly in an emergency.


Two Colors

Legrand Slim HPB

We offer achromatic colors, white and gray that go well with any place. We have everything from size 8 to type 14.