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Legrand Korea | Legrand South Korea

Global Specialist in Electrical Supplies


Legrand Korea, a comprehensive electric material seller including wiring equipment, uninterruptible power supply(UPS), cable tray, interior electrical appliances(DIY), and lighting control systems, has a variety of application products and solutions suitable for housing, commerce, data centers, industry, and hotel facilities.
There are about 110 agency networks nationwide, providing services to customers in each region.



Residential Solutions

We make the most perfect wiring equipment based on our long experience and know-how. Loyal to its original function, but creating a sensuous design that reflects the rapidly changing trend, and safe products that children can use freely. This is the value and philosophy Legrand group pursues.


Data Center Solutions

With Big data, Cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, infrastructures have become the nerve center of businesses and their economic expansion. Supported by partners such as Minkels, SJ Manufacturing, and Ortronics, Legrand is able to meet all the key challenges of data centers, i.e. energy efficiency, service continuity, security, flexibility, and adaptability to changes in technology, regulations, or usage. The Group provides technical support with every step of a data center project, from design to installation and through to operational maintenance.


Industrial Solutions

Chemical and agro-food industries, on-shore or off-shore installations, infrastructures ... The needs for electrical installations are as varied as the industries themselves. They require specific solutions that are sustainable, hygienic and secure, in accordance with the regulatory obligations of each business sector. Legrand’s industrial solutions are designed to ensure long-term competitiveness for industry.

We are inextricably linked to changes in technology and society. And we're helping to drive a connected building revolution by developing solutions that make space simpler, more comfortable, more interactive, and more sustainable. Benoit coquart CEO