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PDU - L1 | Legrand South Korea

Power Distribution Units

From large data centers to small edge data centers,
Legrand PDU ensures efficient power capacity management and maximum data center uptime.


Legrand iPDU

Innovative Solutions for Data Center and Networks


High Reliability

Accurate Measurements

The first step in preventing data center failures is to ensure reliable and accurate monitoring data. Legrand iPDUs have achieved ±1% measurement accuracy certification for all types of real-time loads.


Clear LED Display

Multi-Colored Alarms

Legrand iPDU has a multi-color display that shows all measurement data, general settings, and alarm notifications. The color of the display makes it easy to see the normal status of the PDU as well as the Warning and Critical status.

dual ethernet

Dual Ethernet

An Ideal Solution

Dual 10/100 (Base T) Ethernet ports for dual network connectivity. Redundant configuration and setup are possible to access PDUs from two separate networks(separate IPs). It is also an ideal solution for chain connections to colocation data centers or multiple PDUs.

universal locking

Universal Locking System


The C13 and C19 outlets support Universal Locking System, which allows you to use any branded power cord to prevent accidental disconnection due to human error or vibration.

environmental sensors

Environmental Sensors

Diverse Options

Measure temperature, temperature/humidity, and easily integrate third-party devices or door contacts. The plug-and-play feature is easy to install and daisy-chain up to 16 sensors from a single sensor port.

3rd party

A High Compatibility

w/ 3rd Party Solutions

Compatible with the Raritan SmartLock system and capable of transmitting measurement and control data to any DCIM platform, such as Sunbird Power IQ.


Easy to Install

High Convenience

ZERO-U PDUs are easily installed in server rooms and data centers. The PDU can be installed in the server rack without a separate tool with the buttons that come with it.



Legrand iPDUs

More information on Legrand's PDU solutions is available in the brochure.
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